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Let The Festivals Begin: Blumenthal is Montreal's new 'It' Brasserie

Summertime in Montreal is an unparalleled force of nature.  From our nightlife to our festivals and all the activities in between, crowds come out and stay out!

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I had the pleasure of attending the opening of Blumenthal, my new favorite brasserie, located in the heart of the entertainment disctrict: "Le Quartier des Spectacles".  The party was laden with local celebrities and industry people, all of whom came out to kick off their summer and support this new venture.  Among them was Jacques-André Dupont, the general director of the Montreal International Jazz Festival.   We chatted about his hopes of breathing new life into the restaurant aspect of the fest-experience.  What's pretty amazing is that part of the proceeds earned will help fund free local activities related to La Maison du Festival.  


Chef Remi Brunelle of Restaurants Lemeac and Albert Bistro offers up some highly memorable dishes.  Among my newly discovered favorites are a delectable salmon tartare as well as an irresistible baked pasta.  All of Brunelle's dishes may be paired with selections offered by famed local sommelier Jean Benoit Hinse.

Blumenthal is named after the old Blumenthal and Sons building, a former menswear factory, which we now call La Maison du Spectacle, home to the new brasserie.  The concept and creation behind Blumenthal, were brought to life by Sarah Bergeron of Auberge Saint Gabriel, and Nicolas Urli of Flyjin, Hà, and Jatoba.  I was so excited to hear that Nic spearheaded this project as  and Jatoba are two of my favorite restaurants.  

Blumenthal's logo, blue in color, pays homage to the great Miles Davis and his mythical album, Kind of Blue.  Keeping in the spirit of the event, I wore a pair of blue suede heels for the occasion!

Also noteworthy is Paolo Di Pietrantonio, CPA and partner at Horwath HTL, a global leader in hotel, tourism and leisure consulting.  With the jazz and comedy festivals around the corner, Blumenthal is poised to become a preferred destination for tourists and locals alike.  They will offer daily lunch and dinner,  pre- and post- show dinner availabilities, as well as a most enticing '5 a 7' cocktail hour.

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The modern sophistication of the design and decor of Blumenthal is attributed to the Gauley Brothers (Foiegwa, Atwater Cocktail Club, Bird Bar), I'm a big fan of their work, and they did again !  The establishment presents a beautiful symbiosis of both city and country.  It's like being in a veritable urban green oasis.  And not to worry, in typical Montreal greatness, Blumenthal's festival-time terrace will not disappoint.

blumenthal lifestyle blog mademosielle jules

This place goes straight to the top of my list of where I will be enjoying my favorite season in the city.  See you there!

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Photography by Patricia Brochu